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It is particularly fitting that The Mint Museum is organizing an exhibition around the theme of



and its most imaginative expressions in current tattoo, nail art, studio jewelry, and

fashion design. The Mint is at the forefront of institutions that challenge current definitions of

art, craft, and design, and is a thought leader in the discourse about the interdisciplinary nature of

much contemporary practice. Moreover, this project strikes through to the core of the museum’s

artistic vision to collect and exhibit the most innovative international work.

Body Embellishment

is focused on twenty-first-century works that modify, expand, and

otherwise transform the natural corpus. Groundbreaking scholarship has led to this exhibition and


Body Embellishment

is the first museum show for many of the artists. Even for those

more widely known, this is the first exhibition in which work of avant-garde tattoo artists, nail

artists, studio jewelers, and fashion designers with a fascination for creating objects that modify

the body in extreme ways has been presented together.

This exhibition catalogue is the Mint’s first foray into digital publications. It demonstrates the

museum’s interest in twenty-first-century graphic design and underscores the museum’s

commitment to increased accessibility.

I thank Annie Carlano, the Mint’s exceptional Senior Curator, Craft, Design, & Fashion, and her

talented team, Rebecca E. Elliot, Assistant Curator, and Sarah M. Wolfe, Curatorial Assistant,

for the originality of

Body Embellishment

, and for their cutting-edge scholarship.

The Mint Museum of Craft + Design Board of Directors’ “Adopt-a-Design” programwas an inventive

and successful fundraising model. I deeply appreciate their ongoing creativity and generosity. The

Founders’ Circle Ltd. and U.S. Bancorp have provided additional funds for

Body Embellishment


with several other valued community partners. I am grateful for our community’s support of the Mint

and this exhibition.

Kathleen V. Jameson, President & CEO